Sunday, January 20, 2013



This week was largely about icy poles.  With nearly a dozen oranges needing to be used up, what better thing to do with them but to turn them into frozen treats.

1-3: Getting sticky
4: Some of us like to eat texta's in this house
5: Scary spider
6: Sharing more icy poles on days where the heat keeps us indoors
7: At the salon

Joining Em


  1. Getting sticky is all just part of the fun of eating ice blocks:) The sharing photo is very sweet. Have a wonderful week:)

  2. Bahaha! 'Some of us like to eat texta's in this house' - we have one of those here, too...
    Gorgeous shots, lovely. I so need to get myself some icypole moulds!

  3. wonderful images Milina...Oh those shots are just pure delight and express our need to cool down in the heat of summer (sans the eating texta bit!) I'm hoping to get two off for haircuts this week too x


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