Saturday, February 9, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Ruby:: Dressing for her first ever day of school, EVER!
Jenson:: There is so much simple happiness in his eyes and his smile
Mila::  Celebrating a friends birthday in the very best of ways

As always, joining Jodi's 52 project


  1. Wonderfully vibrant. I especially like Jenson's portrait. Gorgeous.

  2. Those freckles across Ruby's nose are just gorgeous :)

  3. Well done Ruby that's so good:) And your little boy, such a little cutie with that sweet smile. Birthday parties are just the best fun especially all the yummy things to eat:) Beautiful captures Milina. xx

  4. Such beautiful shots! I hope Ruby's first week at school went well. That photo of Jenson is great! And who doesn't like birthday cake?! I think that's the best part of being a kid - eating cake without knowing the consequences ;) x

  5. oh the colours in mila's photo! like a marshmallow-candy dream! a beautiful little collection, what a big week in your household, I hope you all survived with minimal meltdowns..! ruby will do four full days this week and already, I am NOT looking forward to what is coming.. she's exhausted after only three days of 9-1!! god help me..! xxx

  6. Oh, that photo of Ruby is gorgeous. I hope her first week at school went well?!

    Hoping you all have a great week!

    Sar xx
    ps. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award - head over to the blog for details!

  7. First day! I can so relate. She looks absolutely gorgeous and the fact that she can do her own buttons means she is more ready than most.

    Your images are always to beautifully lit!



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