Thursday, February 21, 2013


The weekend just gone will be one I will not forget for a while.  It will be treasured as one of those weekends that just don't happen often enough, but makes you truly grateful for the people that you have in your life.
Johnny had been saying to me for a little while to go back to New Zealand to see my family.  With things like cost of flights for five, school schedules and other things to consider, unfortunately it may not be luxury that will occur as often as I would like in the future.  So we came to an agreement that I would go, and I'd take Mila while she was still under two, and therefore basically free to travel.  The perfect time came up to coincide with Grady's 40th.
So early on Friday morning, Mila and I made the journey to spend the weekend with my beloved family.
The last time we had all been together was more a stressful occasion, than a happy one, but an occasion none-the-less where we made the most of being in each others company.  Even if it was around a hospital bed.
This time we happily sat around a kitchen table, or lounged on lounges, or chatted over meals, laughing at times spent in our younger years.  There is never a dull moment when there are five children in a household.  There was laughter amongst us, and of course there were tears.  But those tears make for some pretty good stories now!  And despite certain circumstances, I have these four siblings of mine to thank for the wonderful childhood memories that I hold.
I am so grateful and feel extremely blessed that I can call these wonderful people my family.

My Brother's and Sister.
I am so extremely proud of each of you.  You inspire me and I admire you in ways you don't know.  I miss you all so much, and I really am sad that you don't get to see my children grow.  You know that I love you.

Thank you also to Johnny for encouraging this time with my family, and for everything you've done over the weekend.  Juggling the kids and your own commitments, having two birthday parties, first kinder sessions, it's no small effort.  You did good Johnny.  I love you too.


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  1. What lovely pictures of you and your family! It is really hard living so far from "home". Derek has said the same thing to me, he works school terms so it's really difficult to head over to NZ more than once a year together so he has said that perhaps I should just go on my own. So, I'm heading over in May (I think) for a solo trip home to see my whanau. Looks like a wonderful weekend for you!

  2. oh the shot of you five siblings together is BRILLIANT! I hope that one is going up on the wall. such beautiful, precious moments captured here my friend. yep johnny, you did REAL good xx


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