Friday, February 22, 2013


Amongst the glory of spending some very quality time with these fine folk last weekend, I was also lucky enough to spend an afternoon with some of the ladies (and their fine husbands and children) who I've walked many a road with since my youth (figuratively and literally).  I spoke about these ladies here, and yes, I see them as more than just ladies, they are like sister's.
There have been up's and down's, and in's and out's.  But the fact that that afternoon felt more like something we do every other week or month, rather than something we do every other year really just reiterated the strength of our relationships.  And there's also the fact that we can talk about farts and menstrual cycles as easily and comfortably as we can talk about what type of wine is being consumed, yeah that tends to show how close we are too!
I am so grateful to be blessed with such wonderful friends.
Big love my friends!

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  1. Wonderful photos! Love the beaded necklaces and the massey fergusson! xo

  2. oh these are such beautiful photos milina, they match your words. I love the shot of superman consoling little blondie :) I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip - not so glad I am such a useless friend I completely forgot you were going that weekend! I'm so sorry xxx


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