Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When Ruby came into our bedroom on Monday morning, she did not say anything, she just beamed a great big smile.  The anticipation was over, and this morning would be her first as a school girl.

As a family we rose, had breakfast and readied ourselves in a way that will now become our usual morning routine.

When we walked onto the school grounds Ruby marched ahead of us, sure of herself.  We waited until the school bell rang and made our way into her new classroom with all of the other students and families.  Some children played with the activities set up, or danced to the music being played.  Ruby stood back, staying by our side, speaking quietly when asking us questions, and taking everything in, as she does.  When the children were asked to line up to make their way to the school hall, she eagerly got in line, ready to be with her class.

The school was holding a special assembly to welcome the preps and their families.  It wasn't until all the students and parents stood and sang the National Anthem that I got a lump in my throat and tears welled.  I watched Ruby as she sat with her class and thought of just how important this school will become in her, (not to mention, Jenson and Mila's) education.  The fact that the first assembly of this school had moved me reassured me that we had made the right decision.

As I left, I said my goodbyes with hugs and kisses and beaming smiles, and then watched as Ruby walked back to her class holding another girls hand.  This was so comforting, knowing how much Ruby loves having friends.

I had to have a little giggle to myself when I was waiting outside to pick her up.  Perhaps it was more relief than humour though, seeing that my anxious day was over.  I was talking to some of the other Mum's and had mentioned how long the day had been for me.  One Mum laughed and said how much she had loved the day and gone for massages and pedicures.  She had just sent her third child off for their first day of school, and was quite grateful for the fact.  I hope I'm able to relax like that by the time I send Mila off to school!

Ruby absolutely loved her first day of school.  She spoke about her day a lot more than what I was expecting, and the excitement in her voice reiterated her sentiments.  My heart has been filled with pride, and I am so happy that Ruby is embracing this new chapter in the way that she is.


  1. That is awesome, Mlilna! I have read so many not-so-good start of school experiences and I am so happy to hear you guys all had a good day. A lot to get used to I am sure! She looks right at home :)

  2. What beautiful captures you have taken of this day! The beginning of one of life's greatest adventures. I got all teray at the close up of your beautiful Ruby looking all thoughtful. Such a big transition for them..so much emotion. She is beautiful. WIshing you gentle, happy days :) x

  3. such a big sigh of relief for you!! and the photos - the B&W one of all three, classic! and the one of ruby looking so pensive - there is so much emotion captured there. I am so glad she loves it, I hope the exhaustion of the next few weeks is not too harsh xx


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