Monday, February 4, 2013


:: Baking
:: Pushing
:: Swinging
:: Dancing
:: Harvesting
:: Ruining
:: Fishing

I really don't mean to be so vague today.  My brain is working at about 30% capacity due to a combination of Mila waking around midnight and refusing to sleep for the last few nights, and a big day today, changing the entire rhythm of our home.  I hope to be in a sounder mind later today, when I am filling my babies belly with some home baked treats and hearing all about her day.

Joining Em and the wonderful collection of Stills and The Beetle Shack

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  1. All great verbs! your veggies look amazing! My daughter is so interested in cracking eggs at the moment! She runs to the kitchen to put her hand out for the job :)

    Sophie xo


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