Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm a little bit in love with a lot of Marimekko.

So much so that I've dedicated my March Love spot over there in my side bar to some of my current Marimekko wish dream list.  (Nobody noticed that I didn't update for February?  Good!)  Take a look through, my birthday is in July (insert winky eye, smiley face).

I have left out something though.  I really, really want to get this fabric to hang in Mila's room as her 2nd birthday present.  I love how fun and bright it is, and I love the little story behind it.  I may have a hard time convincing Johnny though.
Karkuteillä ("at large") is an inventive design originally created in 2008 by artist Maija Louekari. The delightful image depicts a colorful trio of animals who have escaped the zoo for a shopping trip in the city, returning to their natural habitat in sleek new boots.

Are you a Marimekko fan?

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  1. I love Marimekko - I've always love the flower prints. xo


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