Monday, March 11, 2013


:: Before and After.  Freshly harvested tomato's and my first ever Tomato Relish
:: Freshly knitted goods, to be put away for an upcoming birthday.  Bonnet from here
:: Trying to keep cool in this sweltering Autumn weather
:: Even Octonauts need to keep cool
:: A favourite puzzle
:: Face painting at Moomba
:: Looking on in wonder at the acrobats
:: The very first fair ride for this excited poppet
:: Family
:: See, it really is Autumn (as we cover under shade in the 35 degree weather)
:: Keeping cool with a slurpee
:: A much needed, and very special afternoon spent with new friends, listening to the sweet sounds of Sarah Humphreys
:: Celebrating a first year
:: The Birthday Boy

I've missed the last couple of weeks of my weekly stills.  Things have got on top of me a bit.  It's good to be back this week, with Em and her crew.


  1. Love your pictures Milina! Can't wait for the Easter Show to roll around here in Sydney... It'll be my girls first show!

    Sophie xo

  2. beautiful. i love the shot of your child cooling down in the water :)

  3. Love these! (where is Autumn?! I'm sweating in here!!)

  4. Oh, goody! It arrived! (It just clicked how appropriate your colour choice was!) x


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