Saturday, April 6, 2013


 A picture of my children once a week, every week in 2013

Ruby and Jenson::  They took these photo's of each other.  Regardless that the exposure is off, I really like how they have both been captured.
Mila::  Enjoying the best part of her birthday cake

Max's feeding Findlay was an absolute favourite last week.  The light, the eyes, those moments.  Took me right back to here

As always, joining Jodi for 52


  1. They did do well, claud cant get her head around looking thru the viewfinder or screen. The cake shot is a classic, and who could blame her it looks utterly delicious!
    Glad you liked my photo x

  2. the kids' shots are perfect - I totally agree! and the cake - now I want cake. I thought it was 8am but forgot about DLS ending.. half the house still asleep so clearly it makes no difference! we must catch up this week xxx

  3. I love that one of Ruby with her happy face grooving:) And little fingers on birthday cakes especially pretty ones like that would be hard to resist. xx


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