Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This weeks collections of Stills. Our lives are made, in these small hours. 

::  Enjoying the Autumn weather and riding the trails at a new local park
::  Taking a break
::  Tea parties with "Baby"
::  Filling our home days with dancing and singing...
::  ...and filling the art wall
::  How is she two?  How?
::  Feeding sheep at a day at the farm
::  Breaking for afternoon tea at a day at the farm with friends.  You can see more of this day here, and here.
::  Morning Tea.  Cake recipe here.  It's a goodie!
::  Fixing and stacking
::  More dancing.  This time in her bedroom, where she can turn her music up louder.

Joining in with Emily at The Beetle Shack


  1. Beautiful Milina. I love the one of R dancing! And M is gorgeous! xo

  2. oh that dancing girl getting lost in the music! (and I haven't been ignoring you, just reading on the ipod from the couch..xx)


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