Sunday, April 7, 2013


There will be no bombardment of weekly photo's from our week this week.  Simply because I did not pick up my camera once.  Even these portraits were taken last Sunday.

It's school holidays here, and the occurrence of no routine has been welcomed.  We spent a few slow days together as a family, some house bound due to rain.  And then I had the luxury of having two days to spend just with Mila.  Ruby and Jenson spent those days at their Baba's.  Ruby has been missing her Baba greatly, and the feeling has definitely been mutual.

Mila and I had the opportunity to have some quality one on one time together, and it was spent playing and simply being. It was wonderful.

Johnny and I even managed an impromptu date night and went to see a comedienne as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Sneaking in a beer or two after.  A top night made even better by a sleep in on Sunday morning.

The weekend was largely about the garden and I managed to get our Autumn plantings in.  A very rewarding achievement in itself.

Anyway, yawn, I'm boring myself with this post.  I hope to have more exciting things to report next week.

Happy week to you.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect week and weekend! I can't wait for the school holidays... This week is our last week! A happy week to you Milina :)

    Sophie xo

  2. sounds completely perfect :) I'm so glad you have been able to slow down this week. pretty sure we spent more time in our pjs than in clothes.. not sure hubs and I would know what to do on a date night..!! ha xx

  3. Love that morning light. And I know what you mean about forgetting to pick up the camera. I took about three pictures all week, then hightailed it out of town only to bombard myself with a full memory card the moment we reached our countryside destination. Guess I needed a little change of scenery to be inspired??


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