Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you know one of the most irritating things about being a parent?

Having annoying childrens songs stuck in your head ALL day.  Singing them while you're cleaning.  Singing them while you're shopping.  Singing them while you're trying to go to sleep!

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to win not only a copy of Holly Throsby's children's album See!, but also tickets to her Melbourne concert.

See! has become a very quick favourite.  Requested and listened to at all times in the car, and throughout the house.  Often one of us will break out into song, and the rest will join in.

Holly's songs are catchy, whimsical and fun, appealing equally to each of my children, big and small.

Now it's actually quite nice to be humming or singing about Fish and Mice or The Seasons, rather than Firetrucks or pointed fingers doing the twist.

So if you're a parent, or even a childhood educator, and you want something a little more appealing to your own discerned music taste, I can highly recommend Holly's album See!

Do you have any children's music you could recommend?  What is your most irritating kids song?

 *Thanks to Jody for hosting this beautiful giveaway.  This has been a godsend in more ways than one!


  1. I'll have to get my hands on a copy and have a go at this one :) My daughter went through a huge Justine Clarke phase when I just couldn't take singing about how much I LOVED and YOU LOVED WATERMELON! As much as I love Justine Clarke, I had to pretend to misplace the CD in the car just to regain my sanity!

    Sophie xo

    1. Oh yes, even my husbands been known to sing Watermelon at work ;)

  2. My pleasure! We can't get enough of Holly either! xo

  3. This album sounds great! It's all things ABBA here ... Thanks to mamamia the movie. It's a nice change from nursery rhymes! x


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