Monday, April 1, 2013


 Yesterday, the 31st of March, was like no ordinary day.

Not only was it Easter Sunday, but we also celebrated our baby girl's second birthday.

Of course it was all about birthday's first and the morning started, like any other birthday, with presents shared in Mum and Dad's bed.

It didn't take long after that to find that the Easter Bunny had been and had left a trail of poo (you do know that the Easter Bunny poo's out jelly beans don't you) with a little stash of goodies.  Indeed, there was chocolate had for breakfast, followed by a change into new Easter PJ's and some quiet time colouring with new Easter colouring books.

But after that, it was all about Mila being two.

My sweet, sweet Mila.  You are such a happy, independent and strong willed little girl. You're cheeky, you're fun, you know what you want and you're not afraid to let us know about it.   Life with you now is full of laughs on one hand and frustrations on another.  You have the most beautiful beaming smile, with the big beautiful eyes to match.  You love to mimic others expressions, whether it be in photos, books, TV, or in person.  I can tell you are going to be an empathetic soul.  Your giggle is infectious, and often it's not long until your giggle turns into full blown belly laughs by both of us.

You've made your independance known for quite some time now, and not a day goes by when there is not tears in the car, as you try so hard to put your seatbelt on by yourself.  Unfortunately sweetie, Mummy doesn't have all day for you to work out how to "cick" it by yourself.  I know I'll be grateful when you are actually able to get it right by yourself, but at the moment it is one of the more frustrating parts of the day.

Getting dressed is another area where you want to do it yourself.  Putting your hand up to Mummy and saying "way" is the norm.  There have been a number of occasions where we have done school or grocery runs with shirts inside out, back to front, arms through neck holes, one shoulder in.  This is an area I won't fight you on.  Good on you darling, I love your determination in this respect.

You are fascinated with other people, and like to get in their personal space.  Thankfully there is not so much of the biting and hitting that there once was.  But we are still working on the fact that people don't necessarily liked to be touched, and if you do, you need to be gentle.

Your speech has come on so much in the past few months.  You mimic what we say as much as you can, and although you're not always clear, I am now able to make out some of what you say.  You do love to talk though, and we have some lovely conversations, you in your language, me in mine.  Normally you say "yeah" at the end, and then you show me your big beautiful smile.

You are still quite happy to play by yourself, immersing yourself in drawing, painting, play dough or puzzles.  And you love to help mummy cooking and baking.

You have a few favourite things at the moment
- Your favourite toy is your beloved Monkey, and you are still too attached to your dummy for my liking.  That dummy fairy will be coming soon, I tell you!
- You favourite song is Dinosaur Roar, you love to sing it and Roar along.  When we get in the car you say "Rawr Mum", and then you crack it if I don't put it on.
- You are not really into TV shows, but if you were to request anything it would be Gangnam Style (I know, I know!)
- You're favourite book to read is Alice in Wonderland colour book, you tell me what is on each page, and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

You cheeky monkey, bring joy to our days.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl.

Back when Mila turned one.


  1. Happy Birthday, lovely Mila! Looks like it was a wonderful day.

    Sar xx

    1. Thank you Sarah. She really did! xo

  2. Happiest birthday darling Mila, it looks like you had a smile on your face for the entire day! Milina, I must ask what brand your gorgeous, wooden height chart is - I would love one to document Sage's growth! Beautiful photos lovely lady x

    1. Thank you Anna, she was particularly beamy yesterday. I made the wooden height chart myself. It is a great way to document their heights, especially since our old one got painted over! I used the tutorial from here

  3. Awesome!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day! ha ha soooo know what you mean about the Dummy Fairy.... sigh....

    1. I don't know if I can wait for Santa. Shame I can't do the same with Ruby's thumb though :(

  4. Happy birthday gorgeous Mila.. Looks like a great day all round. Sam xx

  5. We celebrated a second birthday over the weekend too! Looks like your little Mila had a beautiful day. Love that last one, so sweet :)

  6. What a wonderful day - lovely photos and the cake is amazing x


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