Thursday, May 16, 2013


The last couple of weeks have rolled into one, so here is a collection of the past weeks stills.  Our lives are made in these small hours.

:: Quiet time activities
:: Painting's drying, by Jenson.  A school of flying fish in a colourful sea, and a self portrait on colourful grass
:: Cracking eggs
:: Orthodox Easter
:: Blooms
:: Morning glow
:: Sewing
:: Making lunches
:: Autumns shades and shadows
:: I ask them to stand by a wall.  This is what I get.
:: Perfect weather for school cross country
:: Playing with stones is just as fun as the sandpit.
:: Mother's Day cards

Joining Emily and her new family of five, at The Beetle Shack


  1. Beautiful photos. Love the Mothers Day card xo

  2. ahhhh lovely lovely lovely :) especially the kids cracking eggs and ruby's beautiful handwriting xx

  3. Lady, your photography is just SO good!!

    I hope this week is another a beautiful one for the vikings :)

    xo em

  4. What a lovely Mother's Day card! The perfect reason for loving mum! I can see that you play the egg cracking game at Easter too!

    Sophie xo


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