Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 FROM 52

We are half way through 2013, and halfway through the 52 project.

Looking back through this project, I am so happy I have been playing along and capturing the personalities of each of my children in this point in time.  It's been very tricky choosing just three of my favourites, but these ones are up there.

Ruby:: 25/52 - Very excited, and practicing her "moves" for her very first disco.
               23/52 - Enjoying a morning walk
              17/52 - She had her first school friend play date on Friday after school.  On Thursday she set to making her friend a crown for when she came to visit

Jenson::  16/52 - He had taken a big leap in his swimming lessons during the morning.  All tuckered out after lunch
                15/52 - So much of his personality oozes from his kind smiling eyes
                6/52 - There is so much simple happiness in his eyes and his smile.  (It's funny how I picked pictures of Jenson with similar descriptions)

Mila::  22/52-  Sneaking tastes of ingredients as we bake
            15/52 - Taking a wee time to rest on a day at the farm with friends, in which no sleep was had
            11/52 - Having fun with her reflection

You can view all of my 52 project here

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