Friday, July 5, 2013


Four is SO much more bigger than three, isn't it.

Like every other year, the changes, developmentally, physically, emotionally, and in every other way are just huge.

My boy has come a long way since turning three.  More particularly in the last six months since Ruby has been at school.  He is still so sweet and affectionate and gives the best cuddles.  Multiple times a day he comes up to me with his cheeky grin and warm eyes, tenderly puts his arms around me and softly says "I Love you Mum".

But I do love the boy he is becoming too.  Playing pirates and dinosaurs, being a robot, and dare I say it, pretending to play with guns.  It's nice to see the dynamics change a bit in the house, from Ruby dominating what is being played, to Jenson having a voice also.  Where they used to always play Mum's and Dad's, now Pirates and Police are being played just as often.

I hope he can always keep these two sides to him as he grows to be a man.  A balance of masculine and kind hearted tenderness.

For months he has been saying that he wanted to go bowling for his birthday and he wanted to have a red robot cake.

So on Sunday, when Jenson turned four, that's what we did.


  1. My friend, that is one impressive cake!! Hope you all had a wonderful day. xo

    1. :) Thanks, and we definitely did! xo

  2. Happy birthday Jenson. Sounds like you are on the right path to becoming an awesomely wonderful little man.

  3. oh what fun! all of it!! fabulous cake, what a lucky boy. and yes, four is MUCH bigger than three :( some really beautiful photos here xx

  4. Your photos are fantastic! Four is such a great age. We have a Mr 4 in our house and it is loads of fun xo


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