Tuesday, July 23, 2013


:: A morning brew
:: "I taka photo"
:: Stripes on Stripes.  Essential for hanging out the washing
:: More Yarn Bombing, to go with this lot
:: One must have sparklers on one's birthday
:: Spots
:: Watching the big kids
:: Winter skies
:: She cannot get enough of the monkey bars
:: Our orange tree fruited for the first time this year. It bore 4 oranges
:: Honey on toast, or straight from the jar, for breakfast
:: Saturday morning shenanigans, with bonus crack

Joining Emily at The Beetle Shack for the weekly stills session


  1. "Bonus crack", so funny Milina. Wonderful photos. Lots of lovely colours to behold. I too have some interesting sock and shoe combo's when hanging out the washing xo

  2. Bahahaha, I was like "bonus crack"? And then suddenly saw it! Love it!!

  3. These are beautiful photos and the last especially made me laugh just a little bit and seriously after no sleep and nursing a sick little one that is no small feat. Love it.


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