Monday, July 15, 2013


Yes, it is.  But it is a different.

Same, same, but different.

Today I am 36.

This year is the first year in I don't know how many, that I have not counted down the sleeps.  Not that I'm not excited.  It's just that I feel a different excited about it.

I used to count down the sleeps, be excited that it was my birthday, celebrate, wake up on the 16th and realise my birthday was over.

This year, I feel turning another year older has come with a shift.  It comes with more gratitude, more acceptance, more focus, more vision, more direction, more insight, more awareness.

Because of this, I think I am more excited than I have ever been about my birthday.  Not just because of the actual event and that it will be celebrated with cake, champagne and strawberries (as one does!), but excitement for what's to come, and, please excuse the cliche, but that this really is the first day of the rest of my life.

I know I will still encounter that day to day struggles, the mundane, the routine, the exhaustion that comes with my life.  But I also know that this is the life that I have chosen, and that I am to accept it for everything that it is.

I have dreams.

I have visions.

I need to work for them.

But I'm excited, and so grateful to feel like I have found my place in this world.

Today I am 36, and I couldn't be happier.


  1. Beautiful photo. Happy Happy Birthday. I have (SO FAR) enjoyed every Birthday. I could'nt wait to get to 30. And now I'm 35 and very content. I'm ok with approaching 40 too. Have a wonderful week Beautiful lady xoxo

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous! love this shot of you. Hope you had a very special day. xo

  3. A very big happy birthday to you for today I hope that you had a wonderful day celebrating. Love that happy photo of you:) xx

  4. Love this! Happy Birthday Milina - hope you've had a great day and that photo of you epitomises everything you've expressed in this Post. Mel x

  5. I smiled the whole way through this - so hard there was almost a few tears that threatened to spill out! You know how rapt I am for you that you've found this place - because I know how it feels to find yourself there :) Keep your eyes peeled for the postie over the coming weeks. Of course online delivery times range from 'approximately 21 July 2013 - eternity'. You'll know it when you see it. xx


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