Thursday, October 17, 2013


...My life changed.

It was the 16th of October 2005 that Johnny and I met.  I knew there was something very special about him on that day.  And he OBVIOUSLY thought there was something special about me, as he asked me to marry him with the first fifteen minutes of us talking. OK, it may have been thirty minutes, but it was definitely within the first hour!

We've done some incredible things in those eight years, and I am thankful everyday that I have him.

We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by spending a few days in Perth.  ALONE!  Thanks to Mum and Vanessa for taking care of the kids.

We had such a great time, leaving the hotel well before the rest of the city were awake, and arriving back, with well walked legs, after dark each night.

Here are just some of the images from a day spent in Fremantle, where the highlights just kept on coming!



  1. So lovely, Milina! And what a romantic! I can't believe he proposed so soon! How well that has turned out :) x

  2. Happy anniversary you too! These photos are incredible! xx

  3. Our anniversary is on October 16th too! It's a beautiful day, isn't it.... :)

    You have a lovely blog and you take such fabulous photos! You have quite a gift in capturing just little bits of things that tell a whole in themselves.

    xo Sarah


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