Monday, October 28, 2013


If you know my sister, you will also know that she is a lover of vintage from way back.  She has pretty much only ever shopped in op shops, and has always, ALWAYS scored the beauties. High fiving herself when she is able to "fill a bag for 20 cents".   You should see some of her amazing dresses!

When Vanessa was over last, we made the trip down to The Vintage Shed.  There were some moments of hyperventilating, and the breath was taken away on more than one occasion, especially when it came to
The Vintage Emporium.

If you're a lover of anything vintage, and live in Melbourne, it's likely you've taken the drive to Tyabb to meander through The Vintage Shed.  If you haven't yet made this visit, it's completely worth it, and you can totally get lost in all of the treasures.


  1. Milina, these are BEAUTIFUL! And no, I've never been - but now I want to! xx

  2. Um, I think I need to visit this place stat!! Day trip? beautiful images Milina. xo

  3. Thank you. Might be a nice location for a Baby Love session. Nice lighting and DRESS UPS!!

  4. You will love it Jody. It's a great spot for a day trip :) xo


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