Friday, November 8, 2013


When it comes to Aunties.  I really don't know if there could be one any better.

Officially, Vanessa is an Auntie to 15.

Unofficially, she is an Auntie to probably double that amount.

The love she shows to each of them, rivals the love of a Mother.  And the love that is reciprocated would be just as big.

I'm sure I speak for not only myself and my family, when I say Thank You.

Thank you Auntie Ness.

Thank you for your patience.  For your hugs.  For your ears, your shoulders and your advice.  Thank you for being honest and fair.  Thank you for the Play Days, where the memories of such have and will outlast any other Christmas present.  Thank you for the laughs.  Thank you for the crazy hair days, and the crazy frog.  Thank you for the mini sausage rolls and the chocolate chip cookies.  Thank you for having the best dress ups.  Thank you for spending your time with us.  Thank you for teaching us.  Thank you for the massages. Thank you for letting us come into your bedroom right on the dot of 7am.  thank you for showing us how to make big bubbles.  Thank you for always being there.  Always!  Thank you for being the best Auntie EVER!!

We love you Auntie.

Happy Birthday.

Or should I say, whatever ballbags.

See you soon Aunty xoxo

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