Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 "Our lives are made in these small hours"

:: Garlic freshly picked from the garden
:: The beginnings of our Lego collection
:: Water fights on a hot day, which ended in tears.
:: Crazy Hair Day
:: I photographed a dance studio's end of year concert
:: Garlic hanging to dry
:: Teraniums
:: I'm slowly getting better at braiding
:: A quiet colouring corner
:: Not sure of the more tangy, less sweet taste of homemade lemonade
:: Pictures 12-17, visiting a local winery for lunch
:: The Christmas Tree hunt...
:: ...followed by the decorating
:: Aunty Ness getting her creative on

Joining Em at The Beetle Shack for the weekly stills collection


  1. Beautiful photos of your family! I will definitely be joining in on the photo a week challenge in 2014!

  2. Looks like a most wonderful week my lovely friend. xo


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