Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Emotions have been running high

The dropped lip has been pretty common around here lately, and emotions have been running high.  We've seen some big changes and big events and they all seem to be taking their toll.

We've seen some very out of character behaviour from Jenson.  It's almost like we have a Jekyll and hyde in the house.  I've been doing some reading on 4 1/2 year old boys, and its reassuring to know that it is quite common for boys of his age to behave in this way, with the silliness, the mood swings, the inability to think for themselves.  This article might ring true for those of you with 4 year old boys.

We were having sleep issues, which we seem to have curbed, but which has also meant that we've been having a visitor in our bed again most nights.  We have also stopped his swimming lessons as he was dreading them, to the point of having major tantrums in the changing rooms,  due to a particular exercise which frightened him.  Thankfully he is happy to go swimming, he just doesn't like the lessons.

There have been some health issues too.  The past week has been better, and we are starting to see some results from Dr's and naturopaths suggestions.

The poor boy is also quite upset that he will not be coming to NZ with Ruby and I later this week.  He will be needing extra cuddles I think.

Ruby's transition to her new school has been a little harder than we would have hoped too.  After being assured she would be in her friends class, she was changed into another class, which made things a bit difficult.  I did not think I would be getting "I don't want to go to this school Mum" third week in.  But we are so proud of her.  There have been no tears, and she is happy to walk through the gates each morning to her new friends.

She had a sleep-over birthday party last weekend.  Her first sleep-over at a friends house.  She had been doing really well lately, so I let her go along.  I was not particularly impressed however when it was being tossed up whether they went to bed at 12 or 1am!!  She slept for a good three hours on Sunday when she got home, and was still very tired up until this morning.

And then there is me.  I've been a big shouty mess the last couple of days, and tired.  So, so tired.  I was trying to think the last time I felt like this.  I remembered when it was, because I posted a photo on instagram.  It was the same time last year, and I'm pretty sure I felt the same the year before too.  I don't know what it is about this time of year.  A big heavy blanket seems to draw over me, bringing fatigue, anxiety, and general crankiness.  It really is just plain awful and the days can't end soon enough for me.  I've been trying to breathe, but sometimes that overwhelming feeling just floods me.

Each night I write in my diary something that I have been grateful for that day.  This is what I will enter tonight.

"Today I am grateful that tomorrow is a brand new day."


  1. oh my darling friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hope your little man comes right, I read that boys get another surge of hormones around 4 years old which can cause havoc on their little bodies. Take care lovely, hope you have a good trip home xo

  3. I just want to give you the biggest hug ever hun. It will get better.... and one day very soon it will all be behind you, school transition, four year old freakouts and illness. In the meantime - hugs... lots of virtual hugs xx

  4. Hugs to you Mils, I hope your heart is lifted soon. X

  5. Oh hon, I hope this week has been better for you and that you had a great time in NZ? Things have been a bit rough around these parts too, sending hugs and love. xx


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