Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January, with music

It's been a fair few weeks since I've posted a weekly stills.  And I've got a fair few images that I didn't just want to gather virtual dust.  So I've put them together for a different kind of collection.

A part of me wants to apologise for the choice of music that accompanies this collection.  But another part, the surrendering part, knows that this choice of music is what is real to this particular time.

It has been the soundtrack for the past few weeks.

I guess that is what comes with having a six year old daughter who is really starting to find her own place and her own tastes in this world.

Who am I to stop that?

It also makes for a smile on some faces when your two year old daughter starts yelling at Siri in the doctor's waiting room to "Play One Direction!"

Anyway, here's a part of what our January looked like.

Very cheekily linking to Em's weekly stills.  Thanks Em xo

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