Monday, February 10, 2014

Ten on Ten

Joining Rebecca, for 10 photo's on the 10th of each month.

:: A little message for the lunchbox
:: The front door left open to say goodbye to Daddy
:: A moment to herself after the big kids have been dropped off at school and kinder
:: Hazy skies from nearby fires
:: Each time we go to town she must sit in this car.  she explains it to us by pulling her hair out, giving a big grin and saying "like this!"
:: Golden hues and in need of a pedicure.
:: Auntie scored at the the op shop. $4!
:: Setting up the skittles
:: Fresh smokve, or figs, from Baba's tree
:: Scraped heels call for bandaids.


  1. Damn, i forgot to do ten on ten again!

    Love your collection. That fig looks ah-mazing!! xx

  2. these are great!!!! seriously - they have a beautiful richness to them. what camera are you using - is it a full-frame camera? i know the gorgeousness of these is from your eye -- just as a photographer i'm just curious ;) lovely!!!

  3. Thank you so much Stacy! This means a lot coming from you! I have literally just upgraded to a full-frame. These are some of the first images taken on it. 5d mkiii. I am in love!! x

  4. I'll send you a reminder next month :) Thanks hon, and yes, Baba's figs are bloody good! xx


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