Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In These Small Hours - The Blue Series

 This past week I've been inspired by Xanthe and the color//colour project.  It really is a wonderful thing, when you start looking for colours, just how much you notice it.  Quite like anything really.

So, no doubt, you would have noticed there is a lot of blue up there.  I didn't quite realise just how much blue we have in our wardrobes!

1-2::  Lego!  Of course.  It seems some of us can't get enough!
3::  She likes her stripy jumpers.
4::  We were out of wipes for a little while.  Life just seemed harder!
5::  Blue skies and drying sheets
6::  Denim and salts
7::  Mini denim
8::  Taking a breather in the hot gymnastics hall
9::  Watching the girls do the beam, and finding their own make-shift beam
10-12:: Around town
13::  Would you imagine that this simple cup of water caused the meltdown of all meltdowns.
14::  My man, eating a bacon and egg sandwich.  One of the ways I won his heart.
15-23::  From our day in the city

Joining Em for The Weekly Stills Collection


  1. Love the crispness of colour you capture :)

  2. Such a great way to document the vibrant colors of family life!

  3. I love this colour challenge and I love your photos. I have the very same blue salt-waters...I adore them (and think I need a red pair now as well). Have a great week x

  4. The shot through the glass, beautiful. Jo xx


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