Sunday, March 2, 2014

In These Small Hours

Can somebody tell me where the last ten days went?

In the last ten days, I've had a whole lot of life happen.  Ruby and I managed a short trip to New Zealand for a long weekend filled with love.
I've shared hugs and laughs with some of my dearest family members and some of my oldest friends.
I've had some loved up cuddles with new additions to families, including my second great-niece!
I've witnessed my brother and sister-in-law walk their daughter down the aisle to marry her soulmate.
I've been blessed to see Ruby spend the best quality time with her cousins.
I've had tears and heard multiple times a day since our return "I'm sad because I miss all of my cousins".
We've got back into routines as quickly as the weekend went.
We've had health scares, and we've had another weekend go much too quick.

It's been a while since I posted a weekly stills collection, mainly because of time restraints and priorities.  But this one was important to me.  This one had too many memories not to share.

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  1. SO. MUCH. WOW. I can't comment on any one in particular because then I will have to comment on ALL OF THEM! (except for Ruby on top of the swing set - my blood pressure rose!) Bloody brilliant. That new camera has given you a renewed vigour.. so much love in the NZ shots, I smiled the whole way through xx

  2. Those tiny little feet would have to be my favourite :) Sounds like this was a much loved up weekend. You're pictures truly telly a thousand stories... Love them xo

  3. These photos, every single one of them, are so amazing! It seems that you captured the beauty of the people inside and out, and the places are gorgeous! (I've been following you a month or so, thought I should actually say Hi and stop silently stalking/admiring!)

  4. Hi Meg! thanks for saying hi, and for your very kind words. xo

  5. Thanks Sophie! and I love those tiny feet too :) xo

  6. Thanks so much hon, I am in love with the new camera, still getting used to it! It's easy to capture the love when you're feeling it, isn't it. Ruby is always up there, I'm used to it now :) xx

  7. I adore all of these shots Milina! Stunning! xx

  8. Brilliant. Every single photo.

  9. I love ALL of your photos, they are so vivid and full of real life. (I just read everyone else's comments... and I agree with all of them.) I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. xx


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