Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finding Inspiration

Yesterday was a grey and gloomy.  A real change to the very mild Autumn we have been experiencing in previous weeks.

The littles really don't like being inside for too much of the day, and I felt like I needed to get some creative juices flowing.  Inspiration seems to have been lacking a bit of late.  There is only so much paper bag making, painting and lego building I can take before I start feeling twitchy.

So yesterday, despite the greyness and impending rain, we headed out to find a part of town that was new to us.

They burned off some steam while finding empty bug shells, air plants, dog poo's and fighting over the umbrella, and I found some inspiration.


  1. Oh I love getting out exploring, getting inspiration for photo taking. Love that photo of Mila and her big expressive brown eyes:) Such a beautiful series of photos thank you for taking us along for your walk:) xx

  2. I love this, Milina! Beautiful colours! xx

  3. Gorgeous shots! Looks like a grand little adventure out exploring together. Love those big curious eyes xx

  4. i'm looking for inspiration too, feeling like we spend all our time doing all the same things. this post is totally inspiring me to go out there and hunt for some green!


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