Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mila + Babycino

Have you ever watched a child, mainly under the age of four, drink/inhale a babycino? They are so absorbed into the entire experience that for those few moments it is only them and their babycino.
I love watching Mila while she is having one. Her mouth opens wide, her eyes focus and are wide eyed in sheer delight of what she is consuming. It's a messy process, but it's worth it.
I really wanted to be able to remember what she was like at this age, and in these moments. So yesterday morning we dropped by a new local cafe and while I shot, she devoured.


  1. oh she cracks me UP!! what a beautiful little film, she is not wasting a drop of that syrup at the bottom! so great to capture these small, everyday things. so much fun to watch - I love the music! x

  2. Oh Milina if she could climb into that cup I think she would have! If only it was appropriate for me to drink my coffee this way then it truly would be a happy day! I love this :)

  3. Haha, I know! Can you imagine adults consuming coffee like that??!!


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