Thursday, July 24, 2014

37 for 37

Last week I turned 37.  I'm not afraid to admit it, or even afraid of ageing.

I'm more afraid of letting the years go by wasted.  Not making the most of the days I have.  I'm not saying I don't waste my days.  Sometimes months go by and I have done very little for myself, for my spirit.

I was inspired by beautiful Xanthe earlier this year with her birthday list, and thought what a wonderful idea to keep being inspired.

The timing of this could not be better either.  It's made me reflect on the things I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.  And in the depths of Winter, and with post holiday blues, it has allowed me to be focused, inspired, positive and excited about the coming months.

I've been thinking of this list for a little while, and I finally starting writing it up on Friday.  I was catching a train to the city to meet Johnny for dinner.  Idea's were coming to me and I kept my list going.  When I got to 18 I was feeling pretty good, until I realised there was almost another 20 to go!

I made it to 37, and I'm putting it out there.  The 37 things I want to happen while I am 37 years old.  If you put it out there, the intention is set, right?  So here it is...

1.  Go to a concert
2.  Have a weekend away with just Johnny
3.  Go to the footy with the family
4.  Go camping with the family and make breakfast by campfire.
5.  Start running again.  I've "wanted" to get back into running since, well, since I stopped.  I'm setting myself to run an event of at least 10km.  Even though it's almost a year away, I'm thinking Gold Coast in July next year, could be the event
6.  Go on a retreat
7.  Follow my heart with my photography
8.  Send birthday cards
9.  Extend and make consistent my yoga and meditation practice
10.  Swim in the ocean and walk barefoot on the beach
11.  Get my eyes fixed.  I want to have 20/20 vision.  No more glasses or contacts
12.  Read a novel.  I think the last novel I read was two years ago
13.  Do something I have never done before
14.  Make a destination photography booking
15.  Dance with my children, regularly
16.  Focus on light
17.  Wear lipstick
18.  Travel with my family again
19.  Learn to bake bread, properly, from scratch.  I just can't get the kneading right.
20.  Practice daily gratitude
21.  Laze in a hammock
22.  Do something that scares me
23.  Scout for a different location to shoot at least once a month.
24.  Remember to stop and breathe.  This is a big one for me, as I tend to react a whole lot more than I like.
25.  Eat more salads
26.  Grow more veges
27.  Spent more time with my girlfriends
28.  Drink champagne.  I may have ticked this box already, but what's another bottle between friends or beau's?
29.  Go to the snow
30.  Have one on one time with each of my children.
31.  Help at my children's school and kinder.
32.  Start on my children's memory boxes.  The boxes I had bought more than a year ago are still plastic wrapped in my wardrobe.  I will be going here for inspiration and advice.
33. To embrace the noise and chaos that is my family.  They are a loud bunch!
34.  Make my own yoghurt
35. Print my photos.  Make photo books from The 52 Project, our family session and our recent holiday.
36.  Make Sundays about slowing down and quality family time
37.  Drink more herbal teas.  I need to find the perfect pot and cup for my tea drinking ritual (not really, but in my mind it will help!)

So there it is.  Intentions have been set.

I'm looking forward to being 37.


  1. I LOVE THIS LIST! Before I know it, my birthday will be here.. so I think I should follow suit x

  2. Happy 37th birthday for last week:) !!! I just turned 39 last week and I feel the same age doesn't bother me so much, what a blessing it is to have been on this earth for that many years. I like your list there are quite a few things I would like to achieve too:) If you do decide to go to the Gold Coast let me know we could meet up:) xx

  3. This is a wonderful list... happy manifesting! it's going to be a wonderful year I'm sure xxx


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