Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Quiet, The Light and The Dark

There are so many things I should be doing, things I should be working on right now.  

The first half of this year has gone by so quickly.  The past seven months have been quite eventful, as I knew it would be.  Last week saw a lot of things change.  After living with us for almost a year (on and off) we said goodbye to my sister on Sunday.  I also saw the completion of a project I had been working on for my ex employee.  These two things have had quite a big impact on our life for the first part of this year.   With my project completed, I now have a little more time (albeit in the evenings once the kids are in bed).  My list of things to work on, to start work on, to organise, is long.  But before I really get my head into it, I needed some space.

It has been such a long time since I have posted a weekly stills collection, and I just had to do this.  Before I crossed anything more off my to do list, I wanted to stop and reflect on some quiet and some light and dark.  Because it's there.  Amongst the chaos and the noise and the routine and the to do lists, there is the quiet and the light and the dark.

 Joining the lovely Em for the Weekly Stills.  Hi Em! x


  1. Oh what a big year it has been for you so far. I hope you are doing okay, I have been thinking of you these past couple of days. That crunchy, icy grass and your reflection in the cafe window :) Mila always makes me laugh out loud! A loon indeed - the best kind! Beautiful images as always xxx

  2. I LOVE your photos and your amazing eye for detail. I envy you (and Tahnee's too) talent. Many people can take a good photo, but not so many are creative in their approach - you two are superbly artistic :) When it comes to taking photos around my home, sometimes I get SO stuck. Obviously I just need to view things a bit differently - think outside the square so to speak. What an inspiration you are!! Thanks for sharing x I'm off to look for quiet, light and darkness! Wish me luck!


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