Monday, August 18, 2014

From Where I Stood

It's taking me a while to go through all of our holiday memories, and I expect it to take a while longer still.

But there was one little project I had in mind from the get go.  One that some may not understand. I did get a few queries about why I would take so many photos of my feet.  I think some good stories can be told, or at the very least added to, by looking down, and up for that matter.  Especially when the subjects at our feet are so different to what we are used to, and so iconic of the places we are visiting.

So here is my little project.  From where I stood.


  1. That just put the biggest smile on my face! Honestly, it is just so beautiful and full of "happy". I especially loved the photo of the red terracotta tiles against the bolt blue sea, beautiful xx

  2. so much happy. I love it! xx

  3. This project is so cool! I love the idea of being able to show so many photos of your travels!!


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