Friday, August 1, 2014

London Canals

Four days in London is not enough in my books.  While we managed to tick off many of the main sights, and some of our favourite spots, it really isn't time at all to see even a speck of the real London.  I hear many people, who have only visited for a few days, say that London just ain't their bag.  I get it.  It can be an overwhelming city.  But after living in London for almost two years, and experiencing the real London, it will always have a piece of my heart.

The thing about London, probably like most cities, is there is so much beauty, wonder and life in places just around the corner from the places you read about in the guide books.  In my experience of travelling, I have always found the best places to be those places you get told about, not always the places you read about.

Where we stayed for those four days in London was a few minutes walk from the canals between Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill.  The canals being one of those places that you might not so much read about, but has so much beauty.  It may have been early when Vanessa and I took the walk through, but the paths were already busy with walkers, runners and cyclists.  Either commuting to work or getting their morning exercise in.  What a wonderful way to get around the city, away from the busy streets and tubes, with just the sounds of the (sometimes very vigorous) cyclists bells.

Do you try to get off the beaten track when you are travelling?

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  1. gorgeous images, It must be surreal to see them in real-life x

  2. these are so beautiful! I can feel the warmth of the summer.. especially this morning while the heater is struggling with 2 degrees outside.. :( really really beautiful. did you do the GIF in photoshop? x


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