Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Family day at the Footy

A month or so ago, I asked Johnny what his idea of a perfect Saturday would be.

His response was lunch in the city, followed by a Saturday footy game.  We looked at the schedule, found the perfect date to support the Bombers, and booked our tickets.

It also happened to be number two on my list for this year.

While the kids were still a bit young to enjoy and understand the concept of "running around chasing a ball", by the end of the game the atmosphere had swept them up, and I can see this being something we enjoy as a family for years to come.


  1. I'm going to steal this idea and ask my hubby the same question :)

  2. awesome vid x next time im in au I am for sure going to a auusie rules game :)

  3. Love this! "fotbal is boring" ha! My Shane is a mad Bombers fan as well (and was at the game too). Love your perspective through the lens, as ever. Kellie xx

  4. Thanks Kellie! I can always count on Ruby to add yet another perspective. Commiserations to Shane about last nights game. Johnny has already noted it is going to be a long off season! xx

  5. What a beautiful video and amazing memories! Love it!


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